Looking pale and sad :(

Chameleon Info:

  • Your Chameleon - Male panther chameleon, around 3 years
  • Handling - Not often, maybe once a week or once every two weeks, always on his choice.
  • Feeding - Around 12 Medium Crickets or 8 Dubias every other day, mixed with super worms, wax worms or hornworms sometimes. Waxworms being the "I'm a good thing" treat in the mornings. He gets 1-4 superworms a week and use them as snacks.
  • Supplements - Rep-Cal Calcium w/d3 twice a month, Reptivite twice a month and my daily calcium is Zoomed repti calcium.
  • Watering - Auto-mister + manual misting. I mist him before I go to work in the mornings and when I get home, between these times he has a auto-mister that goes off once every 4 hours for 60 seconds.
  • Fecal Description - I'm worried that hes constipated, I searched his cage for droppings and haven't seen one. I moved him into his new cage recently.
  • History - I moved him into his new cage recently, say around last month (3 weeks i think).

Cage Info:

  • Cage Type - DIYCAGE 2x2x4
  • Lighting - Reptisun 5.0 UVB tube and a mix of zilla/exo-terra basking bulbs (one 60W and one 150w)
  • Temperature - Stays around 85-92 Basking and 68-72 ambient, using electric tempature gauges.
  • Humidity - Humidity, can vary between 55%-72%. I use a mix of sticky-humidity guages and a electric one.
  • Plants - 1 Pothos on his floor
  • Placement - It is by my back window, second story so theres not much action. The whole back of it is plexi-glassed in so he cannot get any drafts from it. The cage is on a 26" tall stand.
  • Location - Virginia, US

Current Problem - For the past 3 days hes had a rough shed and has recently turned a paler color lately. In my care (since Sept.) hes never turned pale or dark. Hes eating, appears to be drinking from his mister (Planning on giving him a shower time soon to be sure) but my biggest concern is that he has pooped yet as far as I can tell. Hes been getting sulky since his shed too.


Added a "normal" color photo of him.



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What are you using to gutload your feeders?

Nothing in the form is throwing red flags as far as your husbandry. Cant hurt to take him for a vet check up with a good exotics vets if hes never been to one while in your care.


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This is unrelated, but are those.....orange peels in there? And... why? Never seen that one before!!
Oh no real oranges. It’s orange-shaped feeding cups for birds. They happen to be great for holding various non-climbing feeders! Gives my guy an adventurous side.

At the moment I’m giving him a shower.he seems quite thirsty...
Worried now he’s not drinking from his mister.

Thinking I may add a few extra leaves around his sprayer to see if it catches water better. I gotta repair my hose for the 2nd nozzle and hope that helps.


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I think its just the cold, have you taken him out recently for a prolonged period of time??? even if not like @Brodybreaux25 mentioned they tend to slow down due to the cold weather their metabolism will slow and they become a little lethargic like and well... slow


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Yeah I don’t take my guy out often unless it’s shower time. He hasn’t been eager to leave his new house like he was with his old one. Guess he likes it lol.

I just gave him crickets this morning and his color looks better plus he is in a hunting mood it seems.
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