Looking for veileds in the atlanta area

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Veiled Chams. Breeding pair

I have a breeding pair of Veiled chameleons. I need to sale. I Don't want to! Bruno and Lillie had a clutch of 31 eggs last month. Bruno is about a year and a half and Lillie is about the same. I live in South Carolina right outside of Myrtle Beach, I am not too sure how far you want to drive? Maybe we could meet you half way. For the pair I want $325.00 and if you want all the stuff ~
(260 gal. enclosure, a very large piece of wood not too sure what kind it is, (I paid $75.00 for the one piece) small water drippier, 3 lights, and a mess of crickets and a new incubator) for all the stuff I want $550.00.
You can call me or email me, I don't check this message board but maybe once a month, so here's my info.
[email protected]
I don't live in the Atlanta area but I would be willing to ship! Please check out my topic in the Classifieds section titled "Healthy 5 month male Veiled Chameleon".
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