looking for place to buy my chameleon

Hi! I am new to the whole chameleon world as I have never owned one before. My husband and I are looking into getting a veiled chameleon and will be buying all the equipment for it within the next week. We are trying to decide where to get our chameleon and I would very much appreciate some feedback as good places to get a veiled chameleon. We live in Southern California (Orange County specifically). Are there any good breeders or reputable shops anyone knows of in the area? Thank you!
I have to agree with Neil & Jonathan. The Kammers at the link Neil provided are quality breeders and in CA. Tyler Stewart at Blue Beast Reptile in Las Vegas is also another guy I wouldn't hestate to purchase from. There are several other top-notch breeders, but those two are the closest to you, I believe.

Thanks everyone! I have now talked to the Kammers and planning on buying a chameleon from them in the next week or so. I am excited to bring my first chameleon home!
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