Looking for a real good book.

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I bought a book called Jackson's and Veiled Chameleons, facts and advice on care and breeding by R.D. Bartlett and Patricia Bartlett. It really was not what I was looking for. It is a very small book with not a lot of information. Does any one know what book is a good one for panthers and veileds? I like a lot of information and details and this book just gives very little. I look on-line but I like to have a book on hand also because I like to go over it again and again when I need info.
Hi! I have a couple favorite books. For general husbandry and care, my favorite is "Chameleons: Their Care and Breeding by Linda J. Davison." It is a good all around introduction to the husbandry requirements of chameleons. It is not specifically on panthers or veileds, but really good anyhow. For a panther specific book that goes WAY in depth, check out "The Panther Chameleon: Color variation, Natural History, Conservation, and Captive Management" by Gary W. Ferguson, James B. Murphy, Jean-Baptiste Ramanamanjato, and Achille P. Raselimanana.

Thanks I will look into getting those books. I did not want to keep buying just any books that might not be any good so I figured someone would know and I could get what is suggested. Thanks again for your help.
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