Lola, My Beautiful Girl 9/24/19


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We did this photo shoot of Lola weeks ago but I'm just getting around to posting some photos of my sweet girl.

Lola 21 months old and 112 grams

lola09242019 018.JPG
lola09242019 033.JPG
lola09242019 115.JPG
lola09242019 163.JPG
lola09242019 181.JPG
lola09242019 194.JPG


Chameleon Enthusiast
She’s gorgeous!

Thank you for your kind words!

I love the way you capture there beauty :love:

Thank you for your kind comment!

She’s gorgeous! :love: :love:

Thank you Janet!

Lovely little lady! I love her patterns!

Thank you Lynda!

Female veiled are amongst my favorite chameleons. Lola is gorgeous!! :love:

Thank you Amanda! The girls are awesome and I love them so much!

So pretty!!

Thank you!
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