LOL does anyone else's cham have a preferred pooping spot?


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I just thought it was hilarious that everyday I find the poo in the same spot everyday! Makes it easier for daily clean up :) I also love the "lights on wake up and lights off go to sleep" lifestyle of chams!!! I wish kids were that easy in that area :D
My cham has a preferred potty spot... It's so funny when he wakes up.... yawns... eats 2 crickets.... walks a few steps and puts his toosh over the edge and goes.... same spot everyday.... easy for me to clean .... :D

It's the same routine everyday...
My male Homer does, always goes down very close to the bottom of his tree, left side and hangs over to go there. Very regular. The young female on the other hand doesn't seem to care much. :)
My guy started pooping every day in his worm dish. He has even walked on the branch over the dish right in front of me, and stared at me as he did it like "take that!" I need to move the dish I guess, although I am considering leaving the dish there for easy clean up and having a separate worm dish somewhere else.

My leopard gecko also went in the same place every time.
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