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Live chat is now open :D
I do not expect this to replace the forums. In fact, I assume the chat room will usually be very quite. In the near future, I will be setting specific date/times for the chatroom in hopes of promoting interesting discussions. Check the calendar for new events.

How do I join the chat room?
To join the chatroom you can either use the automated software provided by the Chameleon Forums, or download your own software.
  • Automated connection
    Using the software provided on this website requires you to download a java client in order to connect to the chat server. This is completely automated. Because of this automation, you are presented with a security warning. You must agree to the warning before connecting to the chat server.
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  • Download your own software
    If you plan to use the chat room often, I recommend downloading a full featured program instead of using the java client provided on this website. The most popular program for connecting to IRC is mirc. You can download a free version at We are located on the Efnet network in the #chameleons channel.
I see a lot of people come into the live chat and leave after a few minutes of inactivity. If you wait around a little longer someone will usually reply. People seem to stay in the room even when not at their computer, which is the reason for the lack of response at times.
Hey, I'm trying to chat and I did what you instructed and it still says that I can't connect. What am I doing wrong??:eek:
What kind of error are you receiving? Do you have java installed and is your browser setup to run java? Most people have this by default, but there are still a lot of people who don't.

If all else fails, I recommend downloading mirc. With mirc you can connect directly to the chat room without having to use java or go through the website (they are independent of each other). We are on the efnet network in the #chameleons channel. If you need more help post here or send me private message.
Live Chat - Thursday Aug31 8PM CST
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link to live chat

There is a bug with some long usernames. If you are having problems, try logging out and joining the chat as a guest. Your name can be changed once you enter chat.
bump :eek:

also ... don't forget to vote in the photo contest if you have not already :)
is there something wrong with the chat I keep getting the following error.

Unable to connect : :

Chat is working, but it seems people are having problems. I am able to login, so I have not been able to track the problem down yet. If you have problems with the java client, I recommend using MIRC or Trillian until I fix this problem.
Jordan said:
My says the same as above. I thought maybe it was just me. It has never let me in.

Someone is already using the name 'jordan'. Until I make some changes, you will need to logout before joining the chat. Once you are in the chat room, you can change your name.
October 26 8PM CST

Live Chameleon Chat
Oct 26 Thursday 8PM CST
Be there or be square :rolleyes:

Tonight's chat will be using a new chat room. This new chat room is somewhat of a new concept and is very user friendly. However, there are a couple negative aspects to this chat room that may prevent it from being a permanent replacement.
  1. There is a chat log that is 100% open to the public. Anyone can view previous discussions up to some date. This feature could be useful or harmful at different situations. I would have no control over this log.
  2. There is no moderation. Users have the ability to ignore people, but no other moderation exists. This would never work for guest speakers.
  3. more

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Well this is good because lately, I have not been able to enter the regular chat room. Hopefully something better is found for the chat program.
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