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I was joking but to be serious here… I think I leveled up a little to fast I think I should be like established not avid
Yall are both young and eager.

I totally agree with @Flick boy here. Just because someone gets in on a ton of threads does not mean they have the experience to be helping in all those threads.

I honestly think you can "level up" too quickly... People look at the status and think it means a lot. Truth is there are some that do not have the experience at all. It takes time, reading, learning, and hands on experience. I only comment on Veileds and Panthers. Because that is where my hands on experience is. And I mainly stick to Veileds due to that. Also I am fully capable of helping with females of these species but when it comes to really knowing I tag in others that actually have the hands on experience. I have the knowledge but no hands on experience with females. So I feel that I am not fully capable of really understanding all the aspects. I know my limits. I stay out of threads that I can not help in.
But I just started re reading chameleon academy and listening to his podcasts and doing more research so I can help like you guys


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@LukeTheLizard just because a member is/classed an enthusiast means nothing. They may have just typed a lot lol . A good member is not the one who has typed 1000 words and made 10 members laugh and received likes , but the member who typed a few words and helped another member to help their cham or even them and received 1 like well enough said .
Agreed, years back it was different. Getting CE took a LOT of work and thoughtful posts. I was obsessively helping and posting for idk how long to get mine. Now there are dozens of members with it in no time. Idc really, it has no effect on me, I just liked for newbs, when you could look at that CE and know the person had put hours in... even if not an expert, they had to know a pretty solid foundation of info. Now a CE could be a newb themself and it's harder to know who to listen to. We've had this convo a million times on here though and I don't want to get much more into it. It is what it is and I don't want to come off like I'm criticizing brad or anything, not at all!
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