Letting him out

I want to entertain my chameleon because he does the same thing every day, so I wanted to know about big plants a can put in my room, or artificial things that he can climb on to let him out every day or two.

Also here is a pic cuz he is awesome



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You can place a nice pothos plant in his cage, but as for plants outside the cage for him to climb on I've seen many people use those like fake trees, ficus plants, also people with more knowledge on trees/pants that are safe for the cham can definitely help you out more than me! :D


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I was just at a nursery today asking specifics about plants that I've learned are safe for chams and they said even buying a small ficus will eventually grow big. So to start off I actually bought a baby ficus, a baby pothos, and a coton and planted them all in one medium pot. As they grow I plan to adjust the potting to see which ones will need more room... but I mention this because depending on the speed of growth and the size of each of these plants, one or two might have to come out of the enclosure and just stay in my room where my cham will be, and so I figured this was a great way to keep everything "cham proof" and safe.

FYI I'm a total beginner but I've been doing TONS of research so I just thought I'd share my thought process.
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