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Lennie was a very pretty fellow. He alternated between orange/red/green and lime yellow with blue. He was hatched by ChromaChameleons in May 2008 and shipped to me in September. It took a little awhile for him to trust me, but for the last few years he's been a very "friendly" chameleon. He had no fear of me, and tolerated being shown to all curious visitors. Although he wasn't very old, he went into decline starting a few months ago. Nothing found wrong with him by a vet. He simply seemed to not to have a longevity gene. Five years was far too little time, but I think he had a pretty good life nonetheless. He'll be missed.





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Sandra, I am so very sad to read your post about Lennie. He was a gorgeous boy and I know he had an awesome life wirh you. You have my very deepest condolences.


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Sandra, so sorry for your loss of Lennie. He was a beautiful boy, and I am glad he got to spend his life in your care. I know you said 5 years was not a long life, but in the chameleon world it still is a good number of years with all the things that seem to go wrong with them. I know you gave him an awesome life and will miss him.


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Sandra, so very sorry to hear about Lennie. Five years seems like the blink of an eye in some respects. I know you cherished all the time you had with him. RIP Lennie.



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Sandra I am so sorry to hear you lost Lennie. I know how you feel about your chams, and the excellent quality of life you provided to Lennie. When we lose a cham before we feel they should go it is even harder. RIP Lennie


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Sandra, I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. He was a gorgeous boy! No amount of time would be enough. RIP Lennie. :(


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I'm so sorry to hear about Lennie - he was a gorgeous example of how beautifully a cham can thrive under perfect care. I know that it's little consolation right now, but 5 years in such a great home is a lot better than he may otherwise have had in someone else's care.
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