Left eye?


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my chameleons left eye seems to be closed a lot with his right eye still open. i thought it was gunna be a permanent problem because when i got him it wuld be closed all the time. now its getting better and better.. but any suggestions??
alot of misting! and if he is big enough make sure to possibly give showers....also eye problems can be related to deficient vitamin A in a chameleons system! what is the dudting scedule and with what dust???
ok, ya ever since ive been misting him a lot more its been getting better like i said... and for showers... how exactly would i go around doing that? is he to young to do that only around 7-8 weeks old.
he is for sure to young! you will have to wait til he gets around maybe 5 - 7 months or around(just to be safe) 7 or 8 in. total length! but a lot of misting!
Throw them a plant in the shower. Make sure they can get in and out of the water by the way you situate the plant. Warm but not hot water. Bounce it off one of the walls so that the drops are smaller and not as fast. Wait tell your chameleon has some substainal size. Most will hate it the first time. Some will continue to hate it for the rest of their lives. On the other hand some will relish tub time so it is worth a couple tries when your chameleon is bigger. It also is a good idea after a female lays eggs. It get the mud off of them and regardless of their personalities most will drink.
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