Leaving Pair Together???


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Was given a female and she is super-duper interested in my male. About a year old. I put them together and they are very lovely together and doing there thing. Both are pleasant and no rejection posturing. I took her out once they were apart and chillin....I'm now to understand that you should just leave them together for a couple days?

I feel better when I'm around for 'supervising'.

Just leave together? How long?


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I must say they seem very content together and she is happily eating his food and doesn't mind when he climbs up. I've noticed that they look like their vents are together but I don't see anything happening (I know, leave them and stop looking).

I was just worried about bad behavior or aggressiveness but there seems to be none of that at all.


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You can leave them together until the female is balck and rejects the male. Soemtimes this happens in an hour or sometimes it cam be a few days.

If you don't want to leave them just keep putting her in for dates while you are around to keep an eye on them.


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Thanks, that's cute like me...dates...I was just so curious as they are to be very solitary animals and I've happily seen no aggression.


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If she is eating his food it could get stressful for him. I would go for the date idea, that does sound cute.
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