Lazy chameleon


I know chameleons are usually laidback creatures, but i just purchased a panther a few days ago. He usually just walks around in the mornings then just basks all day until right now. he is now on the other side of his cage where no light is and is in a sleeping position( tail all curled up) im just concerned in his lack of exploring. I also havent seen him eat much. My veiled was always active and exploring so whats the problem?
I also bought him at 3:00 in the a.m. So could that be the reason why he is already tired because his schedule is all screwed up?
Could be he's just gettting used to his new home, i'd give it a couple more days. Is he eating at all?
I would say just make sure he's getting enough water and as long as he's eating he's probably just getting use to your place.
Also make sure he's not sleeping during the day, that can be bad and can be something more serious
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