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hi all, I have a female veiled chameleon that is approx 6-7 months old. over past 3sums days she has been at bottom off viv, also at top scratching at glass. she does have a round belly, but not sure if she has eggs in here. I have read up on this and I have made here a bucket off moist playsand, added some of her vines. do u think she may be laying eggs or just being nosey. she has gone of eating too, only literaly cpl of days ago x
Egg laying is a very complex time and her behaviour will change at the first stages of egg production. I know with me that I always notice early on and think she should be ready to lay long before she is! It's about 6 weeks from when I notice a change in her to the actual laying.

You should offer food anyway and keep her calcium levels up. You don't have to leave her alone right now but as she gets fatter you will want to give a bit more peace and quiet. If you see her scratching at the sand at all then cover her cage for a few days and leave her be. At this point I leave my female alone and just set a dripper going in the morning in case she needs a drink.

She may go off and on food for a while but she will eat what she needs to and probably drink a lot. Also I find that my girl will hang around the bottom for a couple of weeks then not go down there again for another couple just to confuse me. When she's ready to lay she will just go and dug without warning!
hiya, thankyou for replying. she is acting very strange. rubbing herself on floor. against glass. I will monitor her thankyou xx
Sandy is now trying to eat the playsand in her viv. Why would she do this.? She is.drinking water gone off her feeds. She loves to bask. I most her 3 times a day, she.loves it. Will she be ok? X
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