Lava rock plants.

Saw this at a Home Depot, and thought this would be good at avoiding dripper drowned roots.


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Did you buy the rock separate or was the plant already embedded/growing on the rock? And how much $ were they? I think they'd look good in my smaller cages. Thanks for posting this
I had to get zip ties and purposely stopped at my homedepot in Bradenton Fl on Cortez road and they didn't have them and the garden dept never heard of them :( I checked homedepot online and couldn't find them. Your lucky. Maybe this coast will get them in the fall
I have the plant on the right. Mine sits in a bowl of rocks and filled with water half way up the rock so that the roots stay wet. I found that too much water in the dish causes algae and will kill this plant. Do you plan to put it in a dish with water or will it survive outside of a dish of water?
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