Large ready to breed Nosy be panther chameleon male

Discussion in 'Market Archive' started by CharlesYamaguchi, Jul 13, 2018.

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  1. CharlesYamaguchi

    CharlesYamaguchi Established Member

    Finally settled from moving more than 100 chameleons to another state! Time to put up for sale some held back chameleons! This nice boy first. <3

    Male Nosy be panther chameleon. Large and ready to breed! Amazing rostral process! Very friendly. (Pic is of him yawning in the morning haha)

    Bred from a female from wild lines as you can see from the speckles of red! Son of Nosy be from Jennifer Betz, vet of Chamelicious Chameleons and daughter of female from F1 breeding of imported Nosy be male. Born August 2017 $275 plus shipping :)

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  2. CharlesYamaguchi

    CharlesYamaguchi Established Member

    He is still available. Makes the lady nosy be woo!
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