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  1. CharlesYamaguchi

    US SOLD . Thank you . Nosy Be Adult Male

    Male Nosy be panther chameleon. 1 year old. Always blue when happy, sad, and sleeping. Is blue all the time! :) I am selling as he is not needed for a breeding as I have several others. He is able to be handled and willingly takes food from my hand or chopsticks/tweezer. He is $275 plus...
  2. CharlesYamaguchi

    Large ready to breed Nosy be panther chameleon male

    Finally settled from moving more than 100 chameleons to another state! Time to put up for sale some held back chameleons! This nice boy first. <3 Male Nosy be panther chameleon. Large and ready to breed! Amazing rostral process! Very friendly. (Pic is of him yawning in the morning haha) Bred...
  3. Jay Sick

    Stunning Wc Nosey B proven Breeder

    I am arguing with myself about selling this guy and not keeping him but i have way to much going on project wise. Hands down the most amazing WC Nosey B i have ever had the pleasure to be around. treated clean and pristine $325 plus ship. He is a proven Breeder as in first day here tried to mate...
  4. B

    Sacramento Reptile Show This Weekend!

    Hello everyone, just wondering which Chameleon breeders will be at the Sacramento Reptile Show this weekend? And, for those breeders, will you have any Nosey Be Males (Babies)?
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