1. CharlesYamaguchi

    Large ready to breed Nosy be panther chameleon male

    Finally settled from moving more than 100 chameleons to another state! Time to put up for sale some held back chameleons! This nice boy first. <3 Male Nosy be panther chameleon. Large and ready to breed! Amazing rostral process! Very friendly. (Pic is of him yawning in the morning haha) Bred...
  2. C

    Chameleon breeders in NorCal?

    I'm not sure if this should be posted in the wanted section of the classifieds or not, if so, oops. :) Anyways, after wanting a chameleon and researching them for probably over two years, I think I'm finally ready & able to get one :D ! I've finally got the enclosure all figured out, although I...
  3. P

    Central Europe Panthers

    Hello ! I have no idea where can i write this thread. Sorry if this is a bad place. I want to ask you if you know any good Nosy Faly (with nice colorline) in the central Europe? I am trying to find them but I can't. Most of US breeders don't ship internatinally so this si pretty hard to...
  4. C

    Ghann's GREAT Breeder Program MAXIPACK DISCOUNTS on Crickets are BACK

    We have just reinstated the MaxiPack discounts for our G.R.E.A.T. (Ghann's Reptile Enthusiast Assistance Theory) Breeder Program! Due to the difficulties we experienced with our production over the last two years, we had suspended the deep MaxiPack discounts (packing more than 1,000 crickets...
  5. millerman6401


    anybody know of any breeders in ohio that deal with hedgehogs? im in the northeast but will travel if needed. so far all ive found is one breeder about three hours away.
  6. New Breeder Male Posing

    New Breeder Male Posing

    New breeder male from Primo bloodlines poses after seeing future wife.
  7. New Breeder Male

    New Breeder Male

    New breeder male from Primo bloodline sees future wife.
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