Large Chameleon Species

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BHillendahl, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. BHillendahl

    BHillendahl New Member

    I've been looking at getting one of the larger species of chameleon. I would go with a parsons, but they are crazy expensive. The only other large species that I know of is the Malagasy Giant Chameleon. Has anyone here kept one or know of other large chameleon species that can be kept in a home setting?
  2. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Mellers and oustalets are pretty large. Sometimes mellers can be housed together in large free ranges.
  3. Syn

    Syn Avid Member

    As pssh stated, melleri and oustaleti are big.

    (Oh and for those who are curious, the "Malagasy Giant Chameleon" is an oustaleti. :))
  4. Vegas Chad

    Vegas Chad Avid Member

    Get a Verro.
  5. I know a Oustaleti breeder out of Sacramento. PM if your interested. Their the longest in the world.
  6. chams1

    chams1 Member

    Agreed. They are very similar to the outstalet but more color. Although I have enjoyed both species as well as the melleri.
  7. morpheon

    morpheon New Member

    +1 for Verrucosus!

    Just be warned that there is 2 sub-species (or three, i'm not sure). They are also great if you don't have much humidity in the air during the day, as they are desert chameleons (but they need proper drinking!!)

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