Landlord wants me to paint... help


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Ok so my landlord wants me to paint the inside of the apartment sometime soon. I know that its not a good ideal to paint around a chameleon. Anyone have any suggestions? The apartment is a small 2br 1 bath. Shouldnt take but a week to finish, since its just me.
Isn't that your landlord's job, to paint?

Latex paint isn't really toxic, but you want to avoid keeping your chameleon in the same room while painting. Keep the windows open, use exhaust fans, keep him as far away from it as you can but he should be fine. It's safe for pregnant women and babies to be around latex paint, so your cham should be fine.
My landlord is lazy... Took them a week to get us new window ac units when the big ac broke :(

My chameleon will be here the 2nd week in July. So if I get it done next week it should be ok?
You have a few options,

Take time off and paint like crazy now.

Request from your breeder they ship a bit later.

Or paint one section of the apt now.. and then put your cham there while you paint the rest.
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