Kinyongia Oxyrhina and Uthmoelleri

Received my male Uthie and Oxy from Jared (CainsChams) this morning. They look great! The Uthie is hard to get good pics of, he likes to movvve. I might sound dumb but, he has a lot of character to him already. And the Oxyrhina isnt as shy as I thought hed be and has done their classic jump and seizure on the ground routine already, its definitely unique and have never seen that in any cham species Ive kept over the years.

Pics..enjoy, more to come.

Kinyongia Oxyrhina

Kinyongia Uthmoelleri
Glad they made it ok!!! Also glad they went to a good home. Im going to try and get a pic of that little hoehnelii female you sent. She is a fat healthy little thing!!

The uthie definitely has a neat disposition to him and the oxy is cool to but much shyer. The tenuis do that drop and flop thing like the oxy. Im guessing they try to bury themselves in ground litter or tall grasses when they do that.
I keep them outside in the spring and summer months, they have huge outdoor cages with an automatic misting system. They come into the garage during winter.

yes, that´s a very good temperature;)

I hope, in the next time it will be warmer here in Germany:)
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