Chameleons for sale.

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I have two chameleons up for sale. At this time I am rearranging my breeding projects and could use the room.

I am offering my Kinyongia uthmoelleri and oxyrhina males for sale. Both animals came in as very young specimen and are estimated to be around 1.5 to 2 years old at this time. Both have been with me since at least last summer. These are F1 farm raised species from Tanzania and rather rare in the trade. Both males are beautiful specimen and will devour any fast moving insect. Crickets, flies, spiders, hoppers, moths etc.

I am asking 225$ a piece. Much less than what you will pay for new imports that come in very rarely and these guys are already well beyond acclimated for cage life!! I will offer a 10 day health and satisfaction guarantee. Purchase before this Thursday and I will give a discount on shipping!!!

K. uthmoelleri

K. oxyrhina

Both pics are less than a few weeks old.

I also have a Japalura splendida (Japalura tree dragon, Banana Split Mountain Lizard) male that I bought quite a while back on impulse. He is free to a good home. Just pay shipping! I can try to get a picture of him if you like but he is one quick little booger :O. He devours anything that moves in his cage, full long tail, all of his toenails and just a very nice specimen. Some house them in aquariums or terrariums but he has been doing very well in a screen cage for me. The husbandry is very much like chameleons. Search the net for pics of them. They have pretty cool colors and some can even get "friendly" although I dont handle any of my animals ;)

PM me, give me a call at anytime, or email me with any and all questions you have.

Jared Cain

304 771 6970

[email protected]

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