Kemper has a Snow Day! (video)

Discussion in 'Other Reptiles And Pets' started by kenya, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Dave Weldon

    Dave Weldon Avid Member

    Howdy Nikki,

    Funny how some dogs love it and others run from it :).
  2. Chameleonboy

    Chameleonboy New Member

    lol I cant wait to go snowboarding. Im sure having the snow right out side your front door has its positives and negatives.
  3. Ryan Jarosek

    Ryan Jarosek New Member

    loved the vid Nikki. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Sang

    Sang New Member

    Kemper is adoooorable..
  5. ciafardo 4

    ciafardo 4 New Member

    hey nikki hope kemper doesn't discover BRAINFREEZE!!!!!!!
  6. SoCaliSon

    SoCaliSon New Member

    Gorgeous Pup!
  7. royden

    royden New Member

    funny pup!

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