1. cswan19

    My Family of Pets (pic heavy)

    I have a 3 month old veiled chameleon named malibu: A 9 year old yellow lab named Rex that we rescued from the Humane Society when he was just over a year (he is so sweet and friendly, but hes not the smartest:rolleyes:) He LOVES the water: I have a 5-6...
  2. leet13

    My "zoo"

    Here are some pics of my "zoo"... My pug (Jersey Girl) is my best friend. She is 2 and a half years old... but looks like a puppy. My husband's doberman, Panzer just turned 10 months old... He is a real handful and my pug attacks him daily because he always bites her neck. He thinks...
  3. blackbetty

    Gotta Show off my Girl!

    This is my 2 year old Great Dane, Twiggy. We are hoping in about 2-3 weeks, it gets announced that she will be a pet model for Bissell!! Keep your fingers crossed! These were taken on the only nice day we had a week ago before Mother Nature decided to play tricks on us and cover us with snow.
  4. kenya

    Kemper has a Snow Day! (video) Hehe! He adores the snow.
  5. Annabelle


    My Chocolate Lab, Annabelle
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