Keeping one eye closed...


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So yesterday I misted my little cham and ever sense then he is keeping one eye shut! If I take him out he will open it for a little bit then shut it again I took a pic of it open and there seems to be no sign of infection he seems to keep trying to blink with his eye shut. I have tried water, shower, and bath and he still wont keep it open!! I dont know if he bumped it and hurt it or what but it was fine then I misted him and he kept it shut. He sits under a 40 watt house bulb and repti sun 5.0 in an 18x18x36 screen enclosure. He is still eating and never sleeping, just keeps one eye shut.
how old is the chameleon?
what type of chameleon?
has it shed lately or is it about to shed?
what plants are in the cage?
what feeders/prey do you offer and what do you gutload the prey with and how do you supplement?

He keeps a close eye what type of plant you have in your terrarium can be sap. but the light is what you put a Halogen bulb? it will be too strong and it can burn the retina of his eye
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