Just one pygmy?

hi,i started out with two but ended up with only one,a male and he is a happy little guy,he is all alone but seems to care less,i have read on this forum that chams are solitary creatures and there seems to be no difference in the species,so based on my experience and my happy little guy,i say one would be just fine..if its a female make sure you have proper substrate for her in case her species lays eggs regardless of a male contact and in case she is gravid when you purchased her(if its a fem)or she may die from being egg bound..good luck and have an awesome day:)
Thanks! I would love to get a male pygmy but wasn't sure it I had to have more than one. Hoping to get one later this year!
Just wanted to say Pygmies are so cute, whether they are alone or in groups. I like lookin' at em'. So cuuuute.
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