Just had a heart attack


Well I woke up around 10 this morning and saw my girl, Molly, near the bottom of her cage just looken around. I'd been getting mentally prepared for her to lay but she hasnt really seemed to of shown to many signs of laying besides this morning.

I went out back to work on my outdoor enclosure:


And I came back in to find my girl sitting there like in the 3rd picture.


I got her attention and made sure she was stable, sped off to walmart and bought a 5 gallon bucket and a big bag of clean play sand. I washed all the sand and dumped it in the bucket & threw some branches in there for her so she could sit there and contemplate laying. Welll....she hasnt done anything yet and I made sure the fan, every single thing in my room that could of been moving at that time, STOPPED; I froze my room solid of motion and made sure it was as stress free as possible. I've been checking in on her periodically but shes just chillen looken out the window like in the last picture. She seems to of been pretty immobile this morning. I honsetly might think shes a little impacted from her crickets. I fear one of the small feeders might of had a shell on it when I fed her yesterday. If thats the case, I'll try and get her in the shower for a nice warm shower wall treatment.

I dont really think shes big enough to lay yet, I hope :(
I honestly dont know if she could handle it all just yet, she was the smallest of the clutch that I got her from and I wanted to make her big and strong, but shes still pretty small and I bought her back near the end of November, when she was around a month and a half. Do female BB Ambilobe's normally lay when they're this small or are they usually full grown?


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They lay regardless of size. I think we often overfeed the runts and that causes them to lay. I hope you got the laying bin in time before she passes being able to lay and becoming egg bound. That's why I always recommend keeping a laying bin in the enclosure at all times after they reach the age of 5 months.
I still have her in a 16x16x20 at the moment. I didnt wana try and renovate half of her play/hunting room with a huge 5 gallon bucket :/
I'll keep and eye on her Jann, I'll let you guys know.
She seems fine right now. What are some signs of egg bound?
Because ever since I've woken her up from her little snooze she was taken on the floor of her cage, she's just been sitting there with the same silly face she always has. No dark or alarming colors. Nothing.

To be honest, I think she's one of the most stupidest cham's ive ever come across. She is not very bright. She was the runt of the group....and also the only one that sat there non stop and rubbed her hands all over the glass sides in the pet store ALL DAY LONG.
And I kind of find it funny that I've been building an outdoor enclosure and I decided to share it with everyone, but now I've been dragged back into the forums nostalgic feeling of cham's :p and its holding me back from building lol
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