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I've been lurking around the site for over six months now, and have finally got my 3 month old Ambilobe Chameleon. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info I have gotten so far.

Chameleon Info:

Your Chameleon - BB Ambilobe. 3 Months. I brought him home on Sunday

Handling - Only twice. Once putting him in the cage, the other because he fell to the bottom and I put him back up (then put in a stick so he could climb up on his own when it happens again).

Feeding - So far, only crickets. But I have a dubia colony being established and will start offering multiple types of worms once he adjust to his new environment. He ate nothing the first day, and since then it has varied between 5-10. I am trying to get him up to 15-20. Crickets are eating flukers orange cubes, flukers dry feed, water gel, squash, collards, and whatever I have left over from lunch.

Supplements - Exo Terra Calcium daily, Exo Terra Calcium w/d3 every other Sunday, Exo Terra Multivitamin every opposite Sunday of the d3

Watering - little dripper from light on to light off at a drip rate of 1 per 5 seconds. MistKing system that goes for 2 minutes 5 times a day.

Fecal Description - Only seen one, brown with a white spot on top. Kinda looked like chicken poop.

History - Was raised by a local breeder.

Cage Info:

Cage Type - Custom Euro Glass Terrarium. 2 foot screen on bottom front and back, solid screen top. sits about 2 feet off the carpet on a table. Overall dimensions is 2' x 2' x 4'

Lighting - T5HO system with one grow light for live plants and one Reptisun 5.0. 60 watt blue bulb for basking. Dim-able switch on the bulb to fine tune basking spot.

Temperature - Temp on bottom is around 70-72. center of Terrarium is around 74-76 top is around 78-80. Basking spot is 84-85 at 8" (the highest spot he can get) Temp is measured with 2 analog thermometers and one digital thermometer. All spots are verified and double checked with a infrared temp gun. All thermometers are accurate.

Humidity - Bottom of cage ranges from 90%-70%. Top of cage ranges from 75% - 55% Basking spot will drop into the 40% range. Two analog and one digital hydrometers.

Plants - So far, two pothos and two umbrellas. Plan on expanding the live plants once the currents plants fill in a little. Planning on adding hibiscus and ficus. Also have plastic plants in there currently, because my live plants dont offer enough coverage.

Placement - It is in my office. The only activity this room has is me sitting at my desk, working on the computer. The cage is about two feet up off the ground on a table next to my desk. There is an A/C vent in the room but it is directed away from the tank. The ambient temp in the office is 74.

Location - California, the Central Valley.
Everything looks great. The only thing I would change would be change th baskin bulb to a clear bulbs as it more natural for them.
Everything looks great. The only thing I would change would be change th baskin bulb to a clear bulbs as it more natural for them.

That figures, I should have just used a regular bulb instead of the "special" zilla daylight blue. Should I go clear or white?
Got the 35 Watt Halogen bulb and the little guy seems to love it. Had the first shed yesterday. I think I figured out how to upload an image.


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