Jackson's Horn Growth/Shedding Issues


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Hi All,

So this isn't an urgent concern exactly, my Jackson's appears to be doing quite well. Rather, I am just looking for some general input on two minor issues:

1) The horn above his right eye is slanted downwards a tad, and is growing slightly unevenly. I have read posts here and elsewhere that assert this isn't really a health concern or anything to be too worried about, but I haven't seen much of a consensus on what causes it. Is it known to be an indicator of any underlying health issues? I'd like to correct it, if possible. Any thoughts?

2) Since I have had him, whenever he sheds it takes him ages for all the skin to come off. He seems to get it off in areas where it might be a problem (none stuck in his eyes, or around his horns, or on his feet or sensitive areas) but the skin around his dorsal spines just kinda sticks there. The humidity in his cage stays pretty high, and when he is shedding I put him in the shower on a ficus tree once a week/once every two weeks. Is this anything I should be concerned about? Am I better off helping him by coaxing off any stuck shed, or is it better to just leave it?

Any other thoughts about these issues? Or are they fairly innocuous? Here is a link to information about my setup, so I don't have to retype it: https://www.chameleonforums.com/jacksons-off-balance-136992/

Thanks for the input,

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