jackson's cham

  1. Connorology

    Jackson's Horn Growth/Shedding Issues

    Hi All, So this isn't an urgent concern exactly, my Jackson's appears to be doing quite well. Rather, I am just looking for some general input on two minor issues: 1) The horn above his right eye is slanted downwards a tad, and is growing slightly unevenly. I have read posts here and...
  2. Owl city

    What to feed him?

    Other than crickets what else is safe for my Jackson's Chamelon that I can buy in bulk?
  3. kendalllarue86

    my jackson's chameleon and my veiled cham

    ive had the jackson about a month now and he's shedding he's just starting to get the rest of his shed off now and i just got the veiled yesterday he's still a lil stressed so im keeping a blanket over him currently to let him get used to his cage
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