I've gone plant crazy


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Over the last couple of days I have bought a bunch more plants. Everytime I see a plant I think chameleon cage. Pretty soon you won't be able to find my chameleons. All of them just say tropical plant which is a pain in the butt because as much as I love plants I don't know the names of them and apparently neither do the store employes when you ask for help. So I bought what I thought might be good and the ones that are no good will go in other rooms in the house. Can you please let me know if these are ok. Thanks for the help.

2. this is a hanging basket



5.this is a hanging basket

6.this is a hanging basket

7.this is a hanging basket

8.this is a hanging basket
5 & 6 are wandering jew.

not sure but 8 looks like it might be a hanging begonia.

I know they are safe to the touch but not sure about being eaten..
3. is safe that is a draceana, although, I can not remember the specific name. I have had one die and one that is just thriving currently. Not really sure what I did different.
I have #3 in two of my panther's cages and they are safe. I can't remember the exact name right now, but i remember looking them up when i bought them and they were safe. My panthers don't eat plants so maybe watch if you have a veiled that does ;)
Brian is half right. Number one isn't safe but it isn't a rubber plant (which would be safe) it's a diffenbachia (sp?) or dumb cane. Poisonous and causes numbing if bit.
I have # 2 in Kitty's enclosure and he eats it all the time.

#2 looks like a large english ivy, or a sort of ivy. should be safe.#3 is a draCANEA MAGENTA and is safe and #4 looks like a croton which are safe.
Everytime I see a plant I think chameleon cage.
I know what you mean. I spent about two hours after work last night just wandering around a large green house nursery looking for the trees and tropical plants for my quads new enclosure. It was a blast and actually very relaxing. (I do this when I've had a stressful day at work;) )
I wish I had a large greenhouse or sunroom of my own so I could have a place for all those great plants.....and even more chameleons!:D
I spent about two hours after work last night just wandering around a large green house nursery looking for the trees and tropical plants..

I'm glad I am not the only one who loves trolling around garden centres for this purpose. :D

I am moving in 2 weeks and I am already scouting for plants for my chams to enjoy in the sunroom..
I recently found a really unexpectedly good "greenhouse" at a Sears Hardware store near my work... Sometimes I take *my* kids with me to wander around, relax, and find new plants for my lizards... I too am glad I am not the only one who does this ;)
A month ago I never had one plant in my basement, now I have 17, not to mention the 28 I have in the kitchen and livingroom. There are a few more I have my eye on because I am sure I will kill some of these. My chameleons are loving it, it looks like a greenhouse in my basement.
My boys love going to the green house too, mostly because they have a huge koi pond full of fish that they can feed while Dad walks around :) .
To me, its a major stress relief walking amongst the tropical plants and flowers (yes, I am a man who built his own house and builds custom cabinetry, uses power tools and drives a big Ford truck, and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do ;) ) but I really do enjoy the greenhouse environment.
In fact, I think its my favorite place to unwind and I will definately have one built in to my next home even if I don't have any chameleons.
I think all of us, well, those of us that are serious about this hobby are drawn to 'nature' in general, not just the 'cool' lizards.
I'm trying to instill the same philosophy in my boys.
"I think all of us, well, those of us that are serious about this hobby are drawn to 'nature' in general, not just the 'cool' lizards."

I totally agree with you sean cj, I always feel better outside. One day I want to be able to visit a real jungle/rainforest.

What kind of plant is #2? I know it says its a hanging basket but it doesn't look like it. Can anyone give the name and where I can get one?
I am THRILLED to know #2 is safe, whatever it is called. They grow like weeds, even if just stuck ina jar of water (just like the pothos). Now I know what to do with all the cuttings I take just to keep my #2 house plants of a manageable size. You can grow in any kind of pot, but if you dont stake they will flop over - making them ideal for hanging baskets. They are very forgiving too (over water = ok, under water = ok)
So glad I'm not the only plant nut. I just got back from Home Depot. They're having a special sale this weekend. All indoor plants except for the "Premium Plants" are marked down. I purchased a very nice 6" Schefflera for $3.33.
Has anyone tried orchids inside a veiled's enclosure? I want to add some color and I prefer real plants, but I don't know if orchids are toxic.
i to am addicted to plants i just think setting up cages is half the fun of the hobby i dont understand why anyone would ever use artificial
I too find myself realating plants to my Cham. I have three plants in the enclosure now. the outside has four. I just saw this bambo plant it was soo cool. does any one know the toxicity of bambo? cause it was like a jungle-jim. many different size long tubular limbs, with growth on the ends.
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