It is with great honor I present.....


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"Ruiter" (means Trooper) for the first time. He decided to grace us with his presence on my daughters 18th birthday party (1).gif. So this little one will be staying here as her second cham dancer01.gif .


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Any updates on these little Angel's? Cant wait to see them grow up! More pictures please!

Finally got an ok shot of Ruiter of what I was trying to describe to you lol. A couple of others are starting to show some teal too but having the same issue I was with Ruiter, my phone is having a hard time picking it up lol. Two weeks and one day old Ruiter. In person I can see a little more then my phone picks up though. I'm just gonna have to get a better camera at some point lol.


Here's a few of clutch mates but not necessarily ones I've noticed teals already on.

20181222_102217.jpg 20181222_104459.jpg 20181222_104508.jpg 20181209_204915-1.jpg
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