Is my UVB light good enough?


I recently got a male veiled chameleon. He is housed in a 24x24x48 screen enclosure and I have a terrarium hood with a 12" T5 HO Reptisun 5.0 UVB. Is this UVB setup enough for him? or does he need a longer lamp with a 10.0 UVB?

You’re going to want a 24” fixture for your cage, 12” fixtures honestly aren’t even recommended for the smaller cages because they don’t penetrate as deeply. Get a 10% or 12% bulb for it. You’re cham will be much better off :)


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the 12" 5.0 t5 HO is 15 watt. That should be fine considering you have to shoe horn in a 24" t8 10.0 17 watt in at an angle.

Your only other choice is getting the 22" that is 24 watt. Most are going to recommend that, but if you can not return it, its not going to be a bad setup.

Basically for ideal, you want a 24" t8 10.0, or a 22" T5 HO 5.0. This would allow 18-24" of penetration into the cage.

Im guessing your 12" HO is providing 18". It is nightanole approved for the cage, just set up the cage so that it hanged out on the top half of the cage mostly.
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