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hey guys!

i've heard that glass-terrariums (exoterra) are not done for chameleons (veild) :eek: cuz there's not enough ventilation there..

what do u think about it?

thnak u for answeres.
Veiled chameleons don't need super high humidity, and are very suspectible to health problems due to low ventilation. I would recommend a (extra large) repti-breeze screen cage for a veiled.
I think you need to research the species your going to keep. And Its size requirements as far as long term enclosures go. Your own personal weather in the part of the country you live in plays a part in what type of cage you and the animal need. Do you live where its cold & dry 6 months a year. If so a solid sided cage would prob seerve you an the cham well. That said I'd never put a large species like a veiled in an exo terra. Thats just me, I like the largest sized cage I can handle space wise and that will be approp for the cham.
yeah i currently have my Veiled in a open concept glass aquarium because i has read the same about the bad ventilation, just waiting until i can save some more money to get him a big screen house.
Glass terrariums a no good for most chameleons.
An aluminum mesh (screen) cage is recommended for your chameleon. Depending on the current age of your cham, there are different sizes to help you rear him/her to adulthood. The extra large cage is a must for an adult.
I have been keeping chameleons in glass terrariums for over 20 years now...and you do have to be careful not to let water lay stagnant in them and place the lights in such a way to create a "chimney affect" but screen cages also have their problems (like keeping humidity up, keeping them warm enough).

A short time ago, Chris Anderson wrote this about glass terrariums...

There is at least one thread on this forum about it too...just do a quick search for it.
But I also read its not only the threat of stagnant air that could endanger your chameleon, but the reflection of himself in the glass as well because it may cause more stress. Is that not true?

I can see how the stagnant air problem would be eliminated in the glass terrariums as shown in the article because of the screen top for airflow and ventilation holes at the bottom, but what about the stress induced by reflection?
I had mine in a zoomed wich is the same and I have NOTHING good to say about them tanks. The doors can smash there tail,stagnant air,blinding them and YEs the can see there reflection as mine would smack the side of the tank with her tounge. I built a screen encloser and things are going SO much better. But this is just my opinion on them.
It's just superstitious bull. Like kinyongia I've been keeping chams for about 20 years now.

I kept veileds in large glass terraria and they lived and bred and looked absolutely great- some of the healthiest looking veileds I've ever seen. So did the other species I kept in them like panthers and carpets, quads, jacksons, etc.

Think about it- these are arboreal lizards- many other arboreal lizards from similar microclimates are kept and bred in glass tanks all the time.

That said- screen cages are much cheaper for larger and can be used outdoors. Which is why I switched over to screen eventually. But I don't keep chams in my living room either- if I did you can bet that I'd make use of glass in a home-made enclosure...
I'm a newbie, and I keep mine in a screen enclosure. I have a friend that had a veiled in a glass enclosure, but he used a little like computer fan to keep the air moving and fresh for him. I also just seen veiled chameleons at the pet store the other day and they we in a large built-in enclosure with glass front and vents in the back. They looked like they were gasping. They had their mouths gapped open and didn't close them the entire half hour I was in the store. I would say that glass would be okay as long as the air didn't get stagnant.
I buy screen cages, only to close them up on three sides. :rolleyes: Use blue plastic tarp to contain misters spray, and as a visual block on sides so chams don't see one another.
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In the US I would recommend a screen enclosure for a veiled and maybe in a few months after you get some experience a free range. Veileds hate being caged.
In the US I would recommend a screen enclosure for a veiled and maybe in a few months after you get some experience a free range. Veileds hate being caged.

see i had considered free range in the past with my last veiled, dont u find it hard to keep the temp in the room regulated? living in canada probably doesent help, what r u guys doing to regulate your rooms?
see i had considered free range in the past with my last veiled, dont u find it hard to keep the temp in the room regulated? living in canada probably doesent help, what r u guys doing to regulate your rooms?

Heaters, humidifiers, and air conditioners. Veiled chameleons come from Yemen, which is dry and hot, so they are pretty hardy animals. We provide them a more humid environment because they color up better, but it really isn't their natural environment.
Thank u so much for ur answers!!

A lot of ppl write here about screen cages. I had one for the first days, but its really HARD to keepin up humidiy. It was almost 5-15% on the average.

So I change it. Now I have glass terrarium, on the top of it there's screen cover (mesh?) for ventilation and in the middle - some openings.

I hope it's enough ventilation for him?
A screen cage will work, you can make up for the humidity loss by adding tarp (as previously suggested) or something similar like bath curtains to the sides.

Some glass cages work well like Exo Terra or the Protean cages. Aquariums will not work because they just don't have good air flow.

What is your current set up like? Could you post pictures?
OK, I'm from Brooklyn too. Sheapshead Bay area. about a block away from the water.

there are sooo many users of partial or full glass on this forum and the few overseas forums that sadly wont post the fact that you will be fine for now.
that said, your veiled Chameleon will outgrow the exoterra and in the summer with our 70%-90% humidity, you wont need the glass cage and may even be far better off with screen.

I used to have two panthers. care requirements were almost the same as a veiled. so how did I do it with screen?

get a cool mist room humidifier. this will add humidity to the room. you will find that you will even breath easyer.
cover the back and maybe the sides of your screen cage. I use towels instead of plastic shower curtains or tarps as they don't allow the water to drip to the bottom and as they dry they add humidity back into the cage.

on days that the humidity is realy bad, you can boil a pot of water or turn on your shower with hot water to add more humidity to your home.

get a better humidity gage. you are NOT having 15%-20% humidity in your home even with the heat drying out your house. so a digital one is needed. I buy mine when on sale at doodys on ave X and East 17th Street or home depo.

use a ton of live plants. ficus, umbrella, and pothos are great plants to use and will help keep the humidity up.
Stop and Shop on AVE X, between East 17th and 18th streets has plenty of pothos and HUGE umbrellas that can be repotted into a few smaller pots and fill out a screen cage. you can then buy the plant pots across the street at the hardware store.

buy a misting system. a Mistking or Aquazamp goes a long way to help with not only drinking but with humidity. set it up to mist 3 to 5 times per day. the first two should be long, say 3 to 5 mins. the last one long too, say 3 mins. the middle ones only 1 min for a humidity bump.
you will need drainage, so look that up for ferther info or PM me.

I keep montain chameleons now. they require higher humidity then a veiled. if I can do it, then so can you. we just have to do things that others don't have to.

PM me if you wana talk more about your new little guy and how to keep him in great shape. I also get in a ton of extra feeders at the beginning of every month and you can save on shipping if you don't mind making a local pickup at my job.

i have bearded pygmy chameleons and they require a glass enclosure because they need high humidity levels. :)
I have an all screen enclosure. The average humidity outside my house the week I've had Waldo has been 30%. Temperature -high 70's. I keep my house at 74 degrees. I've had no problem at all keeping humidity up in waldo's home. Its stayed pretty balanced from 60% to high 70% the entire time. Has never dropped below 50%. Lots of fake greenery and vines, mister sprays 2 minutes every 4 hours...not a problem yet.
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