is it to late.


i believe that my veiled is suffering from super dehydration, i thought he just fell asleep in a weird spot last night and moved him up high, only to find him on the bottom of the enclosure today...i have him on a damp paper towl with a humidifier going as of now, it was to late to go to the only vet that treats exotic animals around here today, so i've been trying to hydrate all day (his eyes are closed, sunken, and he will not open his mouth-it is super dry. anyone know if theres anything i can do?

(no clue why besides maybe humidity lowered to 40% from 55% here...he has a mist king...
it's winter now so the humidity has dropped inside, so after seeing how today went, i've got my cool mist humidifier going. i have a panther cham, a crested gecko, and some waxy monkey frogs(even though the frogs love low humidity)...and im not gonna take any more chances if it's to late.
i can't figure it out, the day before yesterday he ate fine and was completely normal. he's around 2.
not eating now, temps are 66 bottom cage to 70 middle to 88-92 basking. oh yes when i raised him up earlier he pooped a ton.
well...whatever it is i can't believe he's still alive compared to as bad of shape he looks like. he is brilliantly colored right now though...guess he's trying to say be happy i didnt get ate by a bird.
his head looks like a shrunken skull is the best way to describe it, and the rest of his body looks completely normal...hes just not moving now-but he is squeezing the crap out of whatever he can with his feet...poor guy is fighting so hard :(. he's the first cham/lizard ive had..
picture. just taken. paper towels wet from where i was trying to get some water in his mouth.


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