Is it always good to take a cham out for sun?


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Since I dont handle my cham yet I take the entire enclosure out. I dont want to ruin the trust I have built by hand feeding by grabbing him even if it is to move him to a portable free range.

Teh last time I took him out he scrambled around his habitat while I carried him out and then once outside he kepy cycling through colors and climbing around.

Any opinions are appreciated.
Never move the cage, especially if the cham is in it. It makes the "tree" he thinks hes isnt safe. Also altering the base of operations for any cham is stressful, even for the ones that like hand rides.

The easiest way to move the non handlers is to have removable perches. Once the cham is camped out on the perch, just take the whole branch outside to the outdoor area (or the pet carrier if hes going to the vet).
That makes sense to me. Only issue is getting them back into the enclosure. I wouldnt say that I cant handle my Chams I just dont want to take a step back on trust that I have built
Moving the enclosure is fine, especially with the reward of sunlight.

Just so long as its not too harsh an adventure.

Getting him out by hand, to move him to the sun will likely greatly increase his trust in you, and desire to be handled.

Its always good for them to get sun, if temperature and environment is appropriate.

Its an extremely excellent thing to do.
I like to give my guys sunshine as much as possible... I've moved their cages outside and never really thought about the "unsafe home" idea. I see where the concept is coming from, but as long as you are careful moving the cage it shouldn't be an issue. If he freaks out and falls a lot when moving it, then I wouldn't do it.

Removable perches are always a good option. Or those wood bird cage ladders.

You could always just make someone else do it? That way if he gets mad at someone, it won't be you :) lol

Hopefully you will be able to handle him soon and you won't have to worry about it !
Boldly left his enclosure

Today Cacahuete braveley left his enclosure by way of the open door right in front of me. He was strutting his stuff on top of the vivarium and then tried to scramble onto a framed photo on the wall. I had to scoop him up quick to avoid a fall. Now he is on a potted Shceffelera in the other room.

Not sure how I will get him back in the enclosure but the getting him out part seems to be solved by him!
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