Is he healthy !?!?!


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At least we got one thing right :) :)

Will the +/- 10 hour dripping per day be sufficient to up the hydration of the little fellow? Including the misting in the morning and late afternoon.

We mist by hand, how long should we mist for?


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This all reminds me of when I first got Fractal in the mail. He was tiny, dark and dehydrated, from his plane trip from Florida to Nashville Tenn. Then back up on a plane to California. Then he spent from 7am to 1:30 pm in a noisy rattling Fed Ex truck. Then the guy cheerfully handed me the box with a jerk and I heard the insides go thunk! I freaked. lol He was smaller than my baby finger, and the plastic container with paper towel in it, had come open for who knows how long. He stayed dark for 3 days, then started lightening up. Being it was winter, I did the red bulb for him at night and I would see him use it. I took it away when everyone on here said he didn't need it anymore.(3+ months.) He is now 6 months old and I'm sure your guy will do real well too. :} You couldn't ask for a better group of people to be helping your little guy along.
Mist until the bottle of hot water is gone. Try for 3 times a day.
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Dave Weldon

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Thanks Dave,

Does his poop look dehydrated to you? It was moist when it came out, but not runny...

What is the difference between the reptiglo 5.0 (what we currently have) and the reptisun 5.0?

The best way to figure out if he is dehydrated by looking at his poop is to mist him with warm water and if he drinks, let him drink as long as he wants. This might take 2 sessions a day of 20 minutes on/off misting to figure out if he has consumed all he needs. Do this until his next poop and see if there is a difference.

The Repti-Glo 5.0 is ok but some studies suggest that the Reptisun 5.0 is better. These products are made by different companies.

Table showing the tubes verses their D3 index. (Higher is better.) 4.html

The entire report:

More info:


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Thanks for all the feedback.

Did the misting until all the water was gone, but the little fellow didn't drink from it.... :(

We installed a dripper (the big dripper) that drips all day, so the plants were really wet. (hopefully he drank when we were not looking)

We have also bought the zoo-med habba mister to mist the cage for a minute every hour, but we have not put it in his cage yet as we are battling to mist his cage without flooding his feeding dish. :) :)

We are only concerned that the artificial vines are dripping wet at the end of the day. We did dry it off, but it is still clammy.

He is already looking a lot better. He is now mostly a bright green and he is not blinking his one eye. We will keep you posted as to his progress.

Once again, thanks for all the help.

Brad Ramsey

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Now that your getting everything wet enough...:) ....remember the enclosure needs to completely dry out between mistings.
I'd hold off on the Habba Mister for now.
Save it for his future home. A really good misting for him now doesn't have to be gallons of water. Use your judgement


Brad Ramsey

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I'm really glad everythings going well for you and him.
We threw a lot at you in the last couple of days and you've proven to be
a great home for this baby, by responding quickly to all his needs.
You're really going to enjoy chameleon keeping!



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Thanks for the vote of confidence.
We have really tried to get everything (his setup) correct.

We will keep you posted as to his development. :) :)

Thanks for the GREAT forum !!! :D :D :D
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