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Hi everyone! I am a new member of Chameleonforums and I just thought I should introduce myself.

I own one Female Vieled Chameleon named Clover. I used to own another Female, but I bought her from a pet store, and she was already sick because the store didnt take good care of her. She died from an Upper Respitory Infection. :(

But anyways, im glad to be on here, cause I get bullied at my school for likeing chameleons, and Im glad to be around people who like them as much as I do! :)
Hello, we are happy to have you join the forum. Some people just don't understand or know what they are missing. Chameleons are so beautiful and fascinating, what is not to like? But now you are here with lots of chameleon lovers, welcome home.:):)
Welcome! I too am not understood here... My bf thinks i'm crazy and my parents and brothers think i'm crazier! I can't sit and talk to anyone about the cute little things my little dude did or how much he ate because no one cares. I get my Chameleon fix every day here on the forums. :D We love pictures!
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