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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kecleon, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Kecleon

    Kecleon Established Member

    Hi Guy's,

    I'm back again after a long time, had bit of troublesome months and now i'm back better then ever, ready to go on the hunt for a pet Chameleon.

    But i have a question could you guy's know some one who has 4 month old baby Veiled Chameleons for sale and can do international shipping with all the paperwork included?

    Shipping address the Beautiful island of Curacao, just off the coast of Venezuela and i'll pick my pet up at Curacao International Airport.

    Could you guy's know some breeder's that are able to do that, could you let me know and give me a price quote on 4 month old Chameleon with shipping and paperwork.

    Best regards

  2. javsto

    javsto New Member

    why dont you contact the sponsers directly and see what they say???
  3. Kecleon

    Kecleon Established Member

    Tried that but they have more sponsors now so i'll give it a try again.

    Best regrads
  4. Ekaj13

    Ekaj13 New Member

    Well, if nothing else works buy me a plane ticket and I'll hand deliver some for you. :D
  5. KCcham

    KCcham New Member

    Well I can't help with shipping, but I can say we went diving off of curaçao last summer and had a blast with the people from the dive bus! Beautiful island!
  6. Kecleon

    Kecleon Established Member

    Thanks for the compliment, is was thinking to buy a ticket but it is going to be a bit expensive for me cause i need to pay for the ticket and paperwork and i don't know how much it is going to take so i'll be needing a vacation not ready to go on a vacation right now.

    But i'll hope with enough posting that somebody could help me with what i want to do.

    Best regards

  7. eisentrauti

    eisentrauti Avid Member


    there are a few problems:
    - It's not worthy, too expensive to send a shippment with one animal.
    - To get export CITES in the USA is a long term project, the Fish and Wildlife Authoritiy is only fast in allowing imports
    There are a few numbers:
    - 200-400$ just flight
    - xxxx $ for the animal
    - round 100$ for the export permit
    - a vet needs to sign that the to be exported animals are healthy, ca 100$s more

    So you have to pay round 500$ for one chameleon !

    Best regards
  8. javsto

    javsto New Member

    thats cheaper than having to pay for one cham and a cage kit plus shipping for both(from screameleons and kammerflage) usually runs around $600 within the continental united states. so dont let the $500 ruin it for you or shoot you down.
  9. Kecleon

    Kecleon Established Member

    I got a better deal from a member of the forum once but i had some issues to take care of and i didn't have the time then to get my pet but now i have all the time of the world but i tried to contact the member but nothing yet he made me a deal legally with paperwork and all for like $250.

    But desperately i've been contacting him with no luck, i think the name of the member was veiled guy or something but still no reply from him.

    Best regards
  10. Texas Panther Man

    Texas Panther Man New Member

    I dont know that member. But DO NOT do any business with web site called "The Veiled Chameleon". Those two that run that site are known scammers and have taken quite a few people for a lot of money and never sent the animals. Just a heads up. If you find someone that can help you I'd go to the faunaclassifieds boi section and check their reputation before sending any $$$. Be sure who your dealing with esp since your in another country. ;)
  11. Ryan Jarosek

    Ryan Jarosek New Member

    A+ advise.
  12. Chameleons Canada

    Chameleons Canada Established Member

    First find all the legalities for your country. You may require some paper work before importing chameleons. Some countries require the animals to be vet checked before shipping and the certificate has to be stamped by local wild life officers, also it has an expiry date, etc. International permit (CITES, this one is global, for sure you need it).

    After you know and have all the local info sorted out, contact the breeder (seller) you are buying from. Again depending on the country where they are they might have different export paperwork. US for what I know their paperwork is in a way, that going through it is not worth for 1 animal, and also is not that quick.

    In Canada is not that bad, however, the time we have to invest on it and the risk of something going wrong, again is not worth for 1 animal. IMO.

    If you got a great deal from someone, be careful, it might be too good to be true.
  13. Kecleon

    Kecleon Established Member

    Benny thanks for the reply I have noticed that you got the issues down, isn't there a way for you to help me out with this?

    I will even pay you if you could help me, really would appreciated it benny

    Best regards

  14. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    There is a sponsor here that ships as their business.
    take a look and maybe contact them. Might be a perfect resource
  15. Kecleon

    Kecleon Established Member

    Ok thanks i'll be trying that

    Best regards


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