Imelda and the isopod a tragic love story


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A few months ago I bought giant canyon isopods off my bug lord @jamest0o0. I currently have three cultures going, should have enough for Imelda’s bioactive laying bin.

I feed two isopods to Larry yesterday, did you know isopods are a great souses of calcium for you cham, so today I decided to feed some to Imelda and share with everyone. Thanks James for the bugs and sharing your bug knowledge with me even since (y)

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I love the part at the end where she looks around like "you brought more right?"
That was her third, think she liked them? :ROFLMAO:
my guys love them, too... a little too much, as Charlie and Clarice hunted down damn near every isopod in their bioactive enclosures! I like to give them the powder oranges, too, because they are so prolific, and super active!
Powder oranges are on my next to buy list. I was looking at them last night as I repeated “ you don’t need new isopods, you just bought the dwarf whites. Ooo look dairy cows and there are on sale!”


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Isopods are a dangerous addiction. Starts with canyons and before you know it, you're ordering half a dozen porcellio hoffmannseggi from a craigslist ad at 2am

As a wise man once told me... "gotta catch 'em all!" (ok ok, it was @jamest0o0 )

Dairy Cow are among my favorites! I also really like Gestroii, Dubrovnik, and Montenegro... but they breed slowly in comparison.
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