Ignorance Of Some People! :'(

Discussion in 'The Lizard Lounge' started by EmmaChams, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. EmmaChams

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    Was having a good night and decided to post some pics of my veiled in his new cage UNTIL someone sent a friend request on facebook, accepted it and this person commented on the photos and became a nasty piece of work, I don't cry that easily but REALLY upset me and removed my pictures.

    Comments along the lines of "Having a animal from the wild and sold for money" despite telling her he's captive bred then had had another go saying I shouldn't kept him locked up in a cage and let him out.

    Made me feel like crap and like I was some kind of animal abuser :( seems people LOVE to make assumptions and open their big mouths.
  2. qdude46

    qdude46 Member

    Some people don't realize that most of us on here are great to are chameleons and free range and even even if you do free range, don't feel bad, people just assume everything.
  3. EmmaChams

    EmmaChams New Member

    Told her all the facts, eventually had enough, don't bothered to read my comments then, just accuse people and make assumptions.
  4. ParabuthusKing

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    I am sorry to hear that. Don't let people like that get you down, I know it can be difficult as I have experienced first hand as well and I was furious over the ignorance. Ironically I just read a post about smuggled reptiles and a spokesperson said the following: 'People who have exotic animals as pets must realise that they are causing this cruelty,' she told SAPA. 'Without the demand for these animals as pets, there would be no market and these animals would not be stolen from the wild.'

    Ok... Way to go lady acting as a "superhero" for the fauna of the rainforest. She likely doesn't even have a clue about conservation efforts and levels of deforestation caused by a large percentage of humans desire for rare hardwoods and money... But I am angered by blanket statements such as the one quoted. My opinion is do what is right and you believe in, and everybody has an opinion.. Mine just happens to be humans are greedy, overpopulated, and egocentric. But everyone has an opinion ;))
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  5. leedragon

    leedragon Avid Member

    you are been too sensitive, take it from a guy who goes barzerk everytime he sees people handling their chameleons as if ithey where mammals:)
  6. MelissaB

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    Hmmm, ask her if she has any pets, and if she does she's a hypocrite. (No, don't, take her off your friends list and block her) She sounds like she's very young, and sometimes the young don't have perspective that experience brings. They see everything in black and white. When people attack others like that and try to stuff their beliefs down your throat, it makes me wonder what their IQ is. You can't reason with someone like that, they refuse to see any point of view that isn't their own. I'm sorry she upset you, but you shouldn't let someone like that get under your skin. Not worth your energy.
  7. NitroRoo

    NitroRoo New Member

    Not worth your time in the least. Ever seen the bumper sticker that says "Mean People Suck"? Well it's true, and it's thousands of times worse on the internet. Facebook has a nifty unfriend function that I would have used right away on someone like that :)
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  8. Chameleon Creator

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    Well that sucks. Some people will never learn and will never care to learn nor understand your situation.
    Forget them, you have a whole community here that supports you, and you know what they are saying is not true, so try to not let it bother you.
    I have learned this in life that there will ALWAYS be someone that will try to bring you down, the only thing you can do is let them think what they want and move on.
  9. Carlton

    Carlton Chameleon Enthusiast

    Consider this her particular extreme view about animals. She may be truly ignorant or be such a rigid thinker that she won't hear anything other than her own opinion.

    Consider that if you had posted a picture of a cat or dog someone might have condemned you because they feel no one should have anything as a pet for any reason.

    And last, consider that she has shown herself a true internet coward...hiding behind anonymity instead of facing someone in real life. She may do things for mere money she's not proud of too.

    You tried to educate her, but you know the old saying about horses and water right? Sounds like a mental giant to me. ;) Forget her.
  10. fluxlizard

    fluxlizard New Member

    The thing that disturbs me more than anything is that people with that extreme viewpoint more and more are used as "authorities" by lawmakers and news reporters...
  11. Carlton

    Carlton Chameleon Enthusiast

    I know! Those with extreme views also tend to broadcast them a lot more, so they get the exposure and end up convincing some who are more moderate or open minded. That whole squeaky wheel thing. It stinks!
  12. Emma Chams I think you called it correct her view point is extremely ignorant. Even thought the point of removing a chameleon from the wild is controversial it serves a huge necessary purpose. For young and adult people (especially in the city) they provide a first hand experience with biology at home (degrees have been earned from this kind of start), it most of the times makes people become acquainted with conservations issues (conservation awareness) that if the chameleon keeping hobby was around they would not have a clue about, it gives people outs and keeps people away from drugs and gangs in some instances, it gives people if they become skilled enough with breeding a legal intro to business. If imports are conservative it is absolutely justifiable to allow importing conservative amounts of chameleons. It is important though to give back and sponsor chameleon conservation if you can though.


    Kind Regards
    Jeremy A. Rich
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  13. DanSB

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    In addition to the great and accurate responses from Carlton, Fluxlizars, and Jeremy I think it is worth mentioning there is an active group in society who legitimately feel that keeping any animal captive is inappropriate. Much of this stems from anthropomorphizing to an inappropriate level and focusing on the cruelty of large operations and neglectful keepers.

    Their arguments that "It is cruel to deprive an animal of its freedom" are misguided. When an animal's life span in captivity is on average double of the same animal in the wild and that animal is given the opportunity to breed and exercise their biological will I can't understand how this could be considered cruel.

    The argument that they are mistreated in captivity and during the capture process is sadly often true. But the logic of stopping a thing entirely because some abuse it is ridiculous, if not unfortunately used by ignorant lawmakers catering to an ignorant public. When something is done wrong you fix it, not toss it out...

    Then there are the benefits of captive exotics such as public education and generating personal interest in the natural world. Not to mention the hope of retaining the species once their natural environment is gone. I know of several critically endangered amphibians that are being bred in captivity not to mention the axolotls that now only exist in captivity (they haven't found a wild specimin in over 5 months with extensive searching). And I am nearly certain the wild veiled population is dwarfed by the captive population and it has been many years since anything was pulled from their natural range.

    In summary, some will have a different world view than you, and are not interested in fact making only emotional decisions. The best you can do is try to educate them and ignore them. If you want to fight them support USARK.

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