I think my Chameleon Dart might have gular edema! Please help!


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Chameleon Info:
* Chameleon - Nosy Faly Panther, male, about seven months old. He’s been in my care for about a month now.
* Handling - maybe two times a week or when he lets me.
* Feeding - I feed my cham about ten large to medium size crickets a day, Wednesday he gets super worms and sometimes meal worms. He eats In the morning normally around 8:30. I gut-load my feeders by giving them fresh dark greens, veggies, and fruits, like kale and spinach, carrots, apple slices, and black berries. I also give them fluckers cricket quencher - calcium fortified.
* Supplements - Multi vitamin: exo terra multi vitamin powder supplement for reptiles and amphibians. Calcium: exo terra powder supplement for reptiles and amphibians. Calcium with D3: zoomed repti calcium ultra fine precipitated calcium carbonate supplement with D3. I dust his feeders with calcium with out D3 every other day. And I dust his feeders with calcium with d3 every two weeks and same with the multi vitamin.
* Watering - the kind of watering technique that I use is a automatic mister (the exo terra monsoon) It automatically mists every hour for 12 seconds, also when ever I see it looking dry I will hand most the cage as well a few times a day. One of the mister tubes drips a little so I also have a dripper. I see my chameleon drinking a few times a day either from liking leaves or branches and sometimes from mister that drips.
* Fecal Description - His poop are normally moist, solid, does not fall apart, sometimes more than one, a little smelly, a normal color. He pretty much goes every other day sometimes once a day. since I’ve had him he has never been tested for parasites but I’m not sure if the breeder I got him from had.
* History - I don’t really have allot of history on him since I’ve only had him for a month. He did just finish a shed two days ago.

Cage Info:
* Cage Type - 24" x 24" x 48" open air screen cage from reptibreeze
* Lighting - Reptisun terrarium hood with T5 HO high output UVB bulb. basking light: zoo Med, mini deep dome light fixture with a Exo terra 50w intense basking spot light bulb. My daily lighting schedule is I turn the lights on at around 7am and I turn them off at around 7pm.
* Temperature - at the bottom of the cage the temperature is about 75°f and at the top where he basks it is around 80°f The Lowest overnight temp is 72°f. I measure these temps by having two temperature gages at the top and bottom of the cage.
* Humidity - at the bottom of the cage the humidity levels are about 60. At the top of the cage the humidity is about 50. Im creating humidity by misting often and having live plants. I use to measure humidity two humidity gages.
* Plants - All live plants, three small pathos, one corn plant, one umbrella plant, and one red edge Dracaena.
* Placement - My cage is located in the corner of my bed room. There is a air vent a couple feet to the right of it but I have the vents facing the opposite direction. Not a super high traffic area. I have the cage sitting on top of two blocks about a foot off the floor (vary stable)
* Location - I live in south Florida 

Current Problem - The current problem I’m concerned about is I’ve noticed what I think is a lump under his neck in between his two front legs. After doing some research I think it may be Gular edema and I’m very concerned. There is a exotic vet ten minutes away from me that I could go and take him to if needed (the closest vet is actually Dr K from the animal plant show Dr K’s exotic Animal ER). I want to do whatever I can to help him and make sure he is not in pain! If there is any adjustments that anyone thinks I need to make I will. I just want my Dart to be okay!
I will post some photos of his cage and some zoomed in photos of the lump. I can post more if needed!


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