I Think It's Hatching!!!!


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Checking on the egg a few minutes ago, it is showing considerable shrinkage and there are a couple of hairline cracks on one end! What now???!!!! My kids are freaked about leaving it in the incubation container too long. We need to put it in a small container, right? How small? There is a reptile shop that usually has wingless fruit flies, so I guess I'll get some in a bit...I'm afraid to leave!!!!! WHAAAAAAAA!!!!:eek:
Here is a pic of the egg...no macro lens, sorry. You can see the shrinkage on the egg. The mystery lump is visible on the left. This morning there doesn't seem to be any change; I figure he's resting (?).


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ARgh.. just responded to this, and my post went to computer never never land. I said something like...

I hope that it is ok. It does look like it is hatching. Mine usually start hatching in the mid morning hours and have emerged completely within a couple hours. They do hatch from one end or the other.. see the pic below. As far as feeding goes, it should be fine for the first 24 hours or more without food.

I have included a couple shots of my baby containers. The only thing I do different from this pic is that I use plastic plants now and I replaced most of the sponge sheets with reptile carpet. I think Roo uses Kritter Keepers to house his. Your little chameleon should be fine in the hatching container for a while. I have left some of mine in up to 12 hours after hatching because of work, and they show no signs of any problems because of it.





Should I help it? Would it hurt it? It's not progressing right now....I might be able to open the shell a little without touching the critter....
I don't know. With the shell having that rupture on its side, it might be hatching a little early. If that is the case, then it may need to absorb more of its yolk sack. Or, it could have died in its attempt to hatch. If it was me, I wouldn't be able to resist peeking, but I am not sure that is the right thing to do. When did it slit the egg?

We first noticed the shrinkage and slits yesterday about noon. I may see if I can open up one of the flaps....it would be a family tragedy if the thing died now!:(
Hate to say it,

There is always the survival of the fittest to consider- If they baby cannot release itself from an unburried egg on its own, is it fit enough to survive the stress and difficulties of captive care?

When it does hatch, there shouldnt be a problem with keeping it in the container for a while.
Well, after CAREFULLY prying back one of the flaps, there's somebody home....but it doesn't seem to be moving. I'm not sure what to think, whether to open it up all the way, or let it be. I guess I'll let it be for now. Kids aren't home right now, and I'll be somewhere else when they get home. I'm not so optimistic now....:(

Will, I knew you were going to say that! And of course you're right...but it's easier when you have a clutch and one or two don't make it, instead of only one orphan...
Too true, but I don't want you to take it out of context. If you were intending to keep the baby its entire life as your own pet, then there wouldn't be as much of a delema in providing aid at this time.

Post new photos of how the egg is now.
Well of course my mom needed her camera back....but the egg is more shrunken and yellowed. I think the odds are pretty slim that the critter's going to make it. I'm not sure what you meant, Will, about the dilemma...we WERE planning on keeping the hatchling its whole life, since we had been planning on keeping its mother before she died. I guess we need to open up the egg to see if there's any chance of it being alive. I think by morning it'll be gross...what a bummer....
I "hatched' the little guy and I'm pretty sure he's dead. Looks perfect....so cute and pretty stripes! He surely would have moved at some point if he were alive. I'll go ahead and keep him in the critter keeper tonight, w/some damp paper towels and twigs. I can't believe he developed so fully and then died trying to hatch....I wish I could know why! I wish I could know why his mother died! This is so sad....:( :(
Ahh, sorry to hear that. I was hoping the little guy would make it.

If he isn't moving.. he isn't alive. They start walking right after being free from the egg, searching for a place to get up off the ground.

Fate X said:
whendo they start getting uvb light?
It hasn't been proven that false pygmy chameleons benefit from UV light. After all, they are usually cralling in dense leafy areas on the grond and in the first meters of shrubs- which is well out of the way from direct sun, so most of the light has filtered though leaves when it hits them.

There are some species that seem to bask for warmth.
The little guy is definitely dead. My son is crushed. I would rather the egg have not been fertile....and the thing looks so cute! I hate to try again. I know the guy at the shop is still trying to find another stump-tail, to replace the original female; but maybe we shouldn't take a chance; we don't seem to have very good luck with brevis....

Guess I'll take back the mongo fruit fly culture I bought Saturday :(

Thanks for your help, everybody, especially Will, Heika and Roo...the voices of experience...:)
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