I think I found a katydid!


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I have no clue what it is I found it in my house as I was going up stairs on the wall, so I snatched it up!
Is it a katydid for those that have them?



It's only the size of a Pencil tip.
Any clue on what it eats?
Not a katydid.

That is called a "leaf hopper" and they come in all shapes and colors, and somewhat sizes, although they stay quite small.

They are just as safe to feed as any katydid.

Thanks SS I just looked them up they usually don't get very big and eat plant sap and a variety of different plant leafs.

Indeed, they are interesting little buggers. They remind me of large fleas:p

If one is brightly colored, or you have reason to suspect its eating a toxic plant, you should not feed it in my opinion.

I wouldnt hesitate to feed that one off if you have a chameleon small enough to enjoy it, judging by looks alone.
Yah I try to stay away from anything bright colored but this guy is a bit small for my chams. if he was a quarter inch bigger it'd be perfect! Thanks for the help, I'm diggin the summer insect hunting, even in my house lol!
Lol, Its just a hopper bro. I would drop it in a cage to let the chams have at it. If its too small, feed it to the larger crickets... IT MUST BE EATEN!
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