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Hi guys and gals,

My one year old Ambilobe isn't doing very well, it started with him not using his legs much, slept with some of them dangling. Then he stopped eating, and now he drinks a lot, but even though he's drinking, his eyes are sunken in. I took him to the vet, they took x-rays and said his bones look good, but should be denser, so im giving him liquid calcium. They gave me antibiotics that im giving him through injections (not fun). They did fecal testing, the first was a centrifugation test that showed he has Entamoeba aka Giardia. They gave me the meds for that, ive been giving those for 4 days. He still isn't eating though. I just called the vet for the results on the Fecal Culture test, he said theres some "yeast" and we need to get him on some anti-fungal pills. we have to crush them down and make them into a liquid to give him. So i'll pick those up today.
So that's whats going on, and my main question is has anyone had this before? the thing that's annoying me is the fact that he's not eating, and everything he drinks comes out the same way it went in, no urates! Just liquid. Its driving me crazy. I'm doing everything I can, but I just wanted some other opinions from members that have had (or seen) a similar situation. So don't just say "fill out this form" because im not gonna go into all that. He's always eaten crickets, dubias, superworms, and an occasional horn worm. Temps are what they should be. Supplements are what they should be. Mist King turns on multiple times a day. Lighting is fine, I replace the uvb bulbs every 6 months. etc. etc. etc.


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Never had that many things going on at once in a chameleon...but not surprised he isn't eating...and if he isn't eating he's not going to produce urates or feces.

Too bad you don't want to answer the questions. Even though they tedious they help us see what's going on...even if you think you're doing everything right.

To feed him you can try making "bug juice"...you'll find it in this thread....it was created by Susan James and Dr. Kenny Lopez....
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