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i am planning on ordering the following species
chamaeleo melleri
chamaeleo fuelleborni
chamaeleo jacksoni merumontana
chamaeleo rudis
bradypodion tavetanum
chamaeleo werneri
chamaeleo deremesnsis

but... i dont want to get them till i no how much cages i need can any of there speciese be kept together according to male/female or if there all to aggressive for eachother and should be housed seperate??
If you don't know which of those species can and can not live together then perhaps a bit more research is needed on your part before you get any of them.

None of them are "easy" species to keep so be prepared for a challenge and plenty heartache.

My apologies for sounding like a b1tch, but I've seen too many of these species die because of improper husbandry. Leave them in the wild.

Are these all going to be CB specimens?

Because if not, I'm with Trace on this one: leave them in the wild.

I have to agree that more research is needed on your part but justifiably,
coming on this forum and asking questions is research so I am assuming you are still in the pre-aquisition research stages.
None of these can be housed together, so, if you really are obtaining all of these animals ..... you're gonna need a lot of enclosures.
I would advise against it (ordering them all at once) One animal is a huge
responsibility and a great amount of the learning comes from experience.
I would prepare for and aquire one chameleon, do my best to care for it, read a lot, stay on the forums, ask lots of questions and then .....start to think about a second animal.
It would (in my opinion) not be fair to the chams to have so many all at once.
Particularly so many different species that have so many different and specific husbandry requirements.
They are not like other reptiles where 3 is the same as having 5 or 10....having 5 or 10 chameleons truly multiplies your work 5 or 10 times.
Pick your favorite and start focusing on learning about that animal first....or if you are just starting out with chams....learn about the Veiled.
Good Luck!


p.s. The advice about the veiled is for others reading this thread...I assume you have at least one veiled judging by your avatar pic:)
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