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Can anyone tell me what books to buy for breeding, my Veiled chameleons are starting to get lovie:p and I need to know what to do if Lillie has eggs!
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the chameleon handbook, care and breeding of chameleons, the essentail care of chameleons, and jackson's and veiled chameleon book and chameleons a complete pet owner's manual


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forget the books...

you will get much more current info online. Not that books are OK for reference but I would really recommend the web.

Here are three sites with excellent breeding info.
ChamNews go to the their Article Reference page and look around



Also, ask here on the forum - you can't get better info than from those who actually breed.

It seems clear that you are new at this and if you are planning on breeding you really should have done your research beforehand. Are you ready to incubate the eggs for 8-10 months? feed and care for 20-40 babies for the first 3 months of their lives? then find GOOD homes for all of them? Can you AFFORD this? Do you have a good vet who KNOWS chameleons?

I do not want this to sound harsh as I really do not mean to be, there is a LOT to think about before breeding. Do you currently have these two in the same cage? If so, they really should not be after the age of 3 months as they each need there own 2x2x4' (minimum) cage.

Please think things through...:confused:
Thank you, my husband has loads of experience with reptiles and amphibians and has been breeding and raising them for years, I just wanted to know for myself. He is teaching me a lot and I know that I have a lot to learn, I also know that it will be a lot of work and I am up for the challenge, I love my pets and take wonderful care of them. When I bought Bruno and Lillie I bought them as a pair. They have a 6 by 2 by 2 foot mesh habitat. With dripping water, branches to climb on and all the food they could dream of. They also have plenty of sun light. Please don't get down on me because I want to learn. I do appreciate you being cautious and wanting to protect them. I expect that this will be a hard job, but my sweetie will be right beside me the whole way and now I have you and the sites you gave me for advice.
Thank you so very much!
Hi Ivy,

The way your post sounded and that you were new here made me wonder. It can be so difficult sometimes on forums when you don't know someone's background. There is another cham forum I have frequented for 3+ years so I know most members and they know me. When a "newbie" shows up with what sounds like a frantic question (exclamation points) and no history one has to assume minimal knowledge, so I apologize if it sounded harsh:eek:

As I am sure you know, chameleons do have differing requirements and can be very fussy about their nesting/laying setup. chameleonnews.com has a great article on that subject. Nice large setup but although they may seem OK togehter now you may want to separate them if she is indeed gravid. How old are they?

As for laying setup, I found a combo of washed playsand ($4-5 at home depot for 50lb bag) and coco-fiber (eco-earth is one brand) to be a great mix. you can also use peat instead, but I prefer the coco-fiber. Almost a 50/50 mix, moist enough to hold a tunnel. Tub should be deeper than she is long and wide enough hwere she can choose where to dig.

There are plenty of folks who have more experience than I do (I never bred Luna but she had several infertile clutches so that part is the same ;) ) and will be ahppy to help I am sure.

There is one other book by Linda Davison Chameleons: Their Care and Breeding that I don't think was mentioned.

Hope all this helps, again I apologize for any offense and am sure you're a good critter mom :)

Thank you so very much for all the info. and I didn't take any offence at all, I know that you are trying to help and I truly appreciate any knowledge you or anyone can provide for me. The person whom I received Bruno and Lillie from said they were not siblings and they were about 8 months to one year. My husband and I are getting a new habitat for Lillie this week. Any information you would like to share with me I will take with an open mind and no offence.
Thank you,
P.S. I am Attaching a few pictures of Lillie, Bruno was a little camera shy and needed some space!
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