I know I just updated pictures


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But I was about to mist Kermit when I noticed his colors. For being 4 months old he is really getting handsome. I had no idea what their sire looked like, but I love the turquiose veileds. So I was extra happy when he showed me these colors this morning. Bad pic was taken with my phone

I know what you mean! I love the turquoise veils just as much! Ive only noticed tuquoise on my male at night. My female just stays green -_-
Kermit's looking great and showing some very nice colors to only be 4 months old. Keep up the good work with him.
Thanks! He is a little bigger than beaker. Beaker is still alway lime green. I keep checking and he definetly has spurs. I think he is just a little slower growing than Beaker. But he's just as healthy, I seen him eat and drink everyday.
I will take a picture of the sire for you. He is generally displayed at our local show and the next one is this Saturday.
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