I Apologize.


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Hey everyone. I thought I'd write this to apologize to everyone I treated terribly. I apologize for my behavior and outrageous actions. Life hasn't been looking good for me recently. I apologize. And I apologize to any children that seen any inappropriate posts from me. I apologize to all staff members including Brad, especially for taking the time out of their day to deal with me and my actions on the forums. I apologize to everyone again. Spread peace and joy.
- Brandy


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It happens to the best of us - don't sweat it! It's especially easy to get carried away online, particularly if things in life are looking a little bleak and you're looking for a distraction. I can't speak for everyone of course, but I appreciate that you've acknowledged the problem and are taking steps to make amends!

Consider the chapter closed, and start with a clean slate. (y)


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no worries, it happens all the time, all i can say is learn from it and move on, i doubt any of us take it personally although i cant speak for anybody either, i certainly dont, after all we are all strangers on the internet lol, but i am glad you are making amends, it shows you care. best wishes!



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Peace love and forgiveness! Sometimes life takes weird turns but the lessons we learn are the important part. Like @CamoChameleonsHuman said we are a cham family sometimes things get ugly. Love you brandy :love:
I'm not 100% what was all said, but like @Chameleomom said, Takes a big person to apologize. Says alot bout who you really are, a cham loving big hearted person like most people on this forum! And in a weird way, we are all family, lol.
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