I am furious with the pet store


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I went to my local pet store to buy crickets and I saw these really small bearded dragon babies in there so I went to ask her how old they were and she said they were just born today. So I said I assume they are not for sale yet and she said yes they are. I asked her at what age she sells her chameleons at and she said as soon as they are born then they are ready to be sold because they are eating on their own. Well I lost it, I told her how incompetent she was and the reasons why they should not be for sale until they are approx. 3 months old. She said she has a guarantee with them and when I asked how long she said 5 days. What a joke. I know I didn't get through to her which I knew I wouldn't but at least the other customers in the store heard me.
That is dumb..But, anyone that knows anything will stay away till they are older
(unless they are specialists and give them better care)
The almighty dollar

That's what it boils down to is money. The sooner they move the babies the sooner they can fill the cage with more to be sold. Why don't you put the name of the place on this site and we will try and change the way they do buisness. Remember, there are codes and standards, depending where you live, that buisnesses like that have to follow!!!!!
Julie, Since I am near you, it would benefit me from knowing the pet store. if you don't want to post out in the open, please PM me. Maybe I can write a lengthy letter to their management.
I do not sell my baby veileds before they are 8 weeks old. I cannot believe the pet store is selling them right after they are hatched . That is crazy.:eek:
what most likely happens is most of them chameleons are "death priced" meaning there deaths are being sold compared to there lives being sold because most of them will die,a few will live with a little luck. they are usually costly around 60$ to 100$ that is the step on price.
because theres always gonna be people at a petstore that don't know much and want one instantly and the petstore tells that they can keep them alive and lie and then a baby chameleon dies a slow death,painful i would imagine and the petstore people are happy they made money. i always thought petstores didnt make much on reptiles themselves due to feeding i mean i thought the money was in the supplies lights,cages etc. i was to think they broke even or lost a little money on the reptiles but i guess i was wrong.

in my experience petstores are all sorta different. i go to a corner petstore that is a private business and they keep all their animals proper.
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in my experience, it is not so much the age of the Chameleon as their new owner. Their experience and ability to take care of the animal's special needs is more important then the age of the Chameleon. Let's face it Chameleon's take alot of care at the very least. What get's me is when i see or have a customer who just want's to make their child happy for the week and then it's on to somethingelse next week. I won't sell to them since all my hard work is for not. Trying to preserve a species and cure my own interest has it's drawbacks. Like so many of you out there i have 60 + hours of secular work. I am not counting on the sale of my hatchlings to keep food on my table. These pet K-marts don't care at all Corporately and rarely will you run into an Employee that cares enough either. To me as i begin adding Panther's to my collection of Veiled's i don't get pissed at all about paying high prices. I kind of respect a breeder more since that is about the only way a breeder can show his/her appreciation and respect for the animal they have invested their time into and want a little bit of that investment back. A true breeder does not make a heck of alot of money off their "HOBBY"
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